Thursday, April 30, 2015

Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival 2015

Now this is my kinda Beltane festival!!!
O but we Americans still have far too much Puritanism in our blood. Give me laughter and riotous wickedness any day over the dull bore that has become American paganism. O but you are so lost little girl...

Wonderful Video Below

Alex Sanders Remembered

6/6/26 - 4/30/88

I have always thought how perfect it was that Alex should have passed over during the traditional start of Beltane. While many wiccans have various opinions of the king of the witches, mine are mostly good. I first heard of Alex Sanders way back in 1986, witch was when I first watched the movie, The Occult Experience, on the old VCR tape rentals (hot damn doncha just miss them rewind and fast forward days, lol). Living in south Georgia then, there were no bookstores or internet or nothing, but then this movie came out and I saw for the first time what I had dreamed about as a is hard to put into words for me to describe all this. God I must have watched that movie 20 times back then, I knew there was more...had to be...

Over the years, I have managed to collect several of his books and books about him, written during that era. He had charisma and a beautiful wife, Miss Maxine, and the media loved them...

Alex came right after Gerald died, it was if a new "King" was crowned, Alex did further the religion if not by sheer will alone.

You are remembered and thanked, blessed be...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arbor Day

Its traditional to plant a tree on Arbor Day, but I have no room left for trees, but I do have plenty still to plant, regardless of this dreary weather were having again today. O well, tomorrow it brightens up and looking like a wonderful weekend for Beltane.
I rather like this wiccan tree of life pic used above, mmm be fruitful and multiply..hehe

May Day no Wet Day

 O Wow, if the weather holds out this May Day, it appears that it may not rain for Beltane. It has seemed that for the last few years at least, rain has been the case or plain ol fowl weather.
 We have been fortunate this April in that rain has been abundant, may those May flowers come. The ol Gods bless us in their own way if we only pause to look and see...
 I finally picked up a copy of Witches and Pagans magazine at a books a million store and enjoyed it, we plan on getting a subscription and encourage all to do so as well. I had also seen and read several reviews on the Halloween Oracle and purchased a deck for meself. The reviews were all good and I can see why, the artwork is witchy with that hallween feel to it. I haven't had a lot of time to play with them as yet, still catching up on all my reading.
 With Beltane approaching, let love pour forth from your life and your magick, honor the gods and each other. Let fertility reign in your witchcraft. Remember the old times, yet create within yourself new ways for your path and practice. If your always looking back at what was before, you might just trip over that rock ahead of you and stumble to the ground.
Its Beltane, and I am the Bull God...Brightest Blessings All