Monday, April 20, 2015

One of my turns

"if your circle stays unbroken,
then your a lucky man
cause it never never never has for me,
in the palace of the virgin,
lies the chalice of the soul,
and it's likely you might find the answer there..."

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wiccan Magick versus...

What exactly is wiccan magick, natural magick, witchcraft, as opposed to the many other forms out there? We wiccans get accused of new age crap, and for some this is true, but is our magick any less effective than the others? Intent and projection are the keys, and love imo. Why should we repeat words we cant even pronounce most of the time nor know its meaning in some tricked out ceremony that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have never understood the whole angelic/demon casting bit. Do humans actually think they can call forth any spirtual entity, lol? Really?

I have never fallen for the ceremonial/enochian or any other forms, they make no sense. We don't have to do all that "crap" just to perform magick. Alchemy, lol, yeah don't even get me started, lol. Even John Dee got made a cuckolded fool with that lie. Magick comes from the heart, and an evil selfish heart calls forth bad magick, their lives mirror their art, they are to be avoided at all cost lest your own lives become sucked up into their evil, like a plague of stupidity.

There are many forms of natural magick, don't fall into the thinking that it should look like something out of a damn movie or fantasy book. We are not some satanist self-centered shit calling forth some demon or whatever they do. Love should guide our ways, the power arises from it. Yes we have our curses and banishments, we don't live in some fairy pop-sickle world, but witchcraft is about natural, earthy, crafty ways of practice, much like the wiccan religion itself.

Think about this, of all the famous "high" magicians that have been, were any successful? Did they not all die as broke, destitute, and lonely beings? I don't know of any that don't fit this bill. If that form of magick is sooo powerful, then why does it leave its followers as such. There is a price to pay, stay away, that magick is tainted...

Call natural magick a simplistic form of magick if you want, i call it cutting out the meaningless bullshit. Craft your magick to your desire and project its intent...and believe. It's that simple folks. Cast your magick circle in perfect love and perfect trust and ask the gods blessings in your witchcraft, try and follow the charge of the goddess in all you the circle round fair child...

Good Advice for us All...

Beltane Thoughts

Beltane is upon us soon, once more the veil between the worlds spread thin as in Samhain, we light the bonfires, jump the burning embers, cast our witchy magick and thrill in the erotic sacred sex. The union of god and goddess which brings forth the promised child at yuletime. We all have our own beliefs and ways in celebrating may day, Walpurgisnacht, and maybe we all should remember what i feel is an essential part of this bewitching One only has to look upon the world today and see the evil that exists, the damn hypocrisy and narcissism that rule everywhere. Our beltane sabbat will be about love, love of the gods for us, love for each other, and the hope for brighter days in a world gone completely bat-shit crazy.

I use to watch fox news, i just don't anymore, the media seems to thrive on evil and a public that seems addicted to the drug they sell. So few good stories, so little love displayed to the world. Our country is completely obsessed with our own lil lives and oblivious to the hurts or cares of their neighbor. Truly, where is the love?

Rambling, but i feel every female witch should realize that they are the may queen, they are the beauty of everything that is the goddess, everything that is love, the true power of the female witch lies in their femininity...don't look down woman, look up and extend your magick and your love, the gods will bless thee.

Beltane magick is about love, the beauty of the spring, regeneration of the earth, fertility of all. We as witches have plenty to do in the coming days before this most festive of sabbats, I pray fertility and love in your undertakings...blessed be.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rocket Man Jack Parsons

So for about the past year now I have been researching Jack Parsons, the rocket man of occult fame. These are a few of the books I have been using over the past year. The man fascinates me, he was a student of Crowley, led an OTO group out in Califiornia, and yet also helped to found the JPL, jet propulsion lab, or jack parsons lab of NASA. He even has a crater on the moon named after him in his honor. And yet, lol, all the while performing serious magick along with rocket technology..
I will not go into his life story or tragic and mysterious death, etc etc. What interests me is his later work in witch he talks about a new witchcraft and forming the old covens, all this before Gardner wrote HMA in '49.

This is another book I have been reading witch discusses in great detail some of what I'm talking about. He was a good looking fellow for sure, kinda like the Tom Cruise of magick, lol He was brilliant and his own writings are magick enough of itself. I have read somewhere that he and Gardner corresponded but I have found no proven record of this. Ideas mingle together and form even more new ideas. Parsons saw Babylon as the arrival of the Goddess back to earth. I recommend his work, its been a very interesting study and I have opened my own witchcraft to new ideas because of the rocket man...

"and i think its gonna be a long long time,
till touch down brings me around again to find,
i'm not the man they think i am at home,
o no no no
i'm a rocket man,
rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone..."